Web Offset Printing

WebfeedMuch More Than A Newspaper Printing Plant

At Paradise Post Printing we are very proud of our equipment and our people. Our web press equipment offers you three distinct choices: heatset web, coldset web, and a combination of heatset and coldset in the same product through the same folder in one pass. This option is quite atypical and distinctive.

Many of our customers enjoy the benefits of publications with the quality of heatset work on the outside webs, but the economies of cold web work on the inside webs.

Our web press equipment consists of thirty press units with three folders and sixteen splicers and is configured as six four-highs and three two-highs all in one line. All of our folders are equipped with quarterfolders and one folder is equipped with a ribbon deck, one is equipped with a balloon former.

OffprintigWe believe that color sells and our press is ready. The six four-highs were designed to produce beautiful four-color with exceptional registration on both sides of the web. Our heatset units are equipped with a Quadtech RGS IV register system and we can offer you products on coated and uncoated stock from 28lb newsprint to 80lb gloss web.

With our press, our people and our quality control systems, we can produce printed products that set the standard for web offset work. Let us show you some samples of what a great press and great people can produce.

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