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Pick either Flexi/Magazine, Tabloid, or Broadsheet/Standard


  • Smallest Trimmed Page Size: 4.375″x8.25″
  • Largest Trimmed Page Size: 8.0625″x10.25″
  • Flexis/Magazines run in 8 page jumps with 16 minimum pages to start.
  • Smallest Trimmed Page Size: 10.5″ x 10.5″
  • Largest Trimmed Page Size: 10.5″ x 16.25″
  • Smallest Loose Page Size: 11″ x 11.25″
  • Largest Loose Page Size: 11″ x 17″
  • Tabloids run in 4 page jumps with 4 minimum pages to start.
  • Smallest Loose Page Size: 11.25″ x 22″
  • Largest Loose Page Size: 17″ x 22″
  • Broadsheets/Standards run in 2 page jumps with 2 minimum pages to start.


10,000 copies (minimum amount available)
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See Product Type above for page minimums


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Special order stocks may be unavailable or 6 weeks out

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4. Cover Pages

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Cover stocks can print on either our web press or our sheetfed press.


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Web Stock



Flexi – minimum 8 pages

Tabloid – minimum 4 pages

Coated stocks (gloss or matte) on the web print at a maximum 120 linescreen

Sheetfed Stock

Sheetfed cover minimum 4 pages

Sheetfed stocks print at 150 linescreen or more.


Special order stocks may be unavailable or 6 weeks out
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5. Bindery/Finishing

of Binding:


Glue binding or coil/wire binding unavailable

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Mailing prices will not include postage.Prices are just for labeling and preparing mail bags.

Postage will be estimated on the weight of the final product (size, page count, stock)


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Terms and Conditions

Conditions of sale are subject to our Terms and Conditions which is provided with every bid

Credit terms – Initial print 50% down; 50% COD.

Sales tax will be applicable unless a valid Exemption Certificate is supplied prior to printing.

We inventory a large selection of paper. However, we cannot guarantee that we will have the stock you request in inventory. Special order stocks may take up to (6) weeks to receive depending on the size and type.

Estimate prices are good for thirty (30) days and are subject to a mutually agreeable schedule. All prices are based on material costs and accuracy of specifications provided on the date of quotation. In the event of actual change in specifications or the cost of materials, prices may be adjusted.

Your acceptance of an estimate will constitute a valid order to perform the work above, but acceptance of any order is subject to credit approval, available press time, and a mutually agreeable schedule.

In order to schedule your job, please sign and fax back the estimate as soon as possible. Once we have a signed estimate, you will be contacted by our Customer Service Department,
who will work with a production planner/customer service rep to get your job scheduled.

Each bid is done custom depending on format, page size, page count, quantity and color. Limiting the specifications will determine the turnaround time. We have a 72 hours turnaround on estimates.