Question #1
What is the best way to make a PDF for print?

The preferred method is to make a post script file from your original, and then use Acrobat Distiller to make the PDF. We can supply you with all of the Distiller settings and a special printer description to use. The later versions of Quark and InDesign will also export good, useable files with the proper settings. We can supply those settings. Any other method should be thoroughly tested before submitting files.

Question #2
When making my PDF, I get an error message saying that a font I used cannot be embedded. What should I do?

Some fonts may have licensing restrictions that will not allow them to be embedded in a PDF. You can try to substitute the font for something similar, or you can use Illustrator to outline the font, before making your PDF. When building your pages try to use only type one fonts from a reputable company.

Question #3
What can I do to make sure my files are ready to go before sending them the printer?

Nobody likes problem files. They can delay your publication, or they can print with disappointing results. Acrobat has a number of tools you can use to catch possible problems before going to your printer.

First, preflight! While Acrobats preflight is not as robust as what your printer will use, it is capable of catching a number of errors. If you need help setting up a profile, contact our PrePress department.

Two, use the overprint preview tool. While not totally reliable, you can toggle on and off to be sure that your overprint/knockout settings are correct.

Finally, use the output preview or separation preview tool. With your document open, toggle the black channel on and off. This will allow you to see colors under the black. Are there any unnecessary colors under the black? Four color type, that is intended to appear black, is especially troubling. The extra colors add nothing to the appearance of the type, and can cause problems with mis-registration. This can cause the type to look fuzzy or muddy.

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