Commitment to the Environment

PPP is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Unlike printing operations set in urban areas, we see the effects of good and bad forestry resource management every day….right out our windows.

PPP has always been an environmentally conscientious company. We were on the forefront of the move to recycled paper in the early1970’s and continue to expand our efforts. Today all of our stock has recycled content and we capture 100 % of our waste paper for recycling to complete the cycle.

All of our text papers are uncoated which is easier to recycle. Uncoated papers also use less energy in processing saving energy as well. We have recycled coated stock as well, for projects that demand it.

PPP uses soy based inks. Soy based inks replace petroleum based products. The soy based compounds (soybean, pigments, resins and waxes) are not only a better use of natural resources but the soy based inks are more efficient meaning less of it is used in the process. It also makes printed products easier to recycle.

If a greener product is one of your goals ask our experts to discuss the environmentally sensitive options available.

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