Printing Pays Off

Creative Solutions in Challenging Times; “Rightsizing” vs. “Downsizing”
The term “downsizing” became part of the corporate and cultural lingo in the 1980’s as heavy industry tried to lend an air of responsible business practice to massive permanent layoffs. The word now is universally used for anything shrinking due to outside forces. People are downsizing their homes, cars and other lifestyle choices. In light of scarcity, downsizing seems prudent and responsible.

This may be a time when users of print might want to think of “rightsizing” their publications. Rightsizing your publication may mean considering a different product type.

“We’ve had many clients,“ states PPP General Manager Roger Stanley, “that at one time had a stitched tabloid size of 10 ½” X 10 ½” and found that moving to a large flexi format of 8 1/16” X 10 ¼” saves them considerably because they can now get 16 pages to a sheet instead of just 8 in the tabloid form.”

Altering the size of a publication can often involve more changes and details than a company is comfortable with. Publishers are loathe to make major changes without buy-in of advertisers or other stake holders. Often there is desire for change but meeting deadlines trumps innovation. Too often these discussions are made by editors and publishers without input from the printer. Just ask. There may be ways to meet deadline and financial goals without major upheaval.

And counter-intuitively your biggest savings may come from a larger format.

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